About Jaguar

When it comes to traditional British sporting-luxury, nothing comes close to a Jaguar. Although the company is now owned and operated by the giant Tata Motor Group of India, Jaguar managed to deliver the same amount of luxury, refinement, and sporting characteristics found in classic Jaguar models of the past. All of this is coupled by an impressive array of safety features and new-found levels of build quality and reliability.

When it comes to an entry-level Jaguar that is capable of roughing it out with other luxury brands on the market, the 2012 Jaguar XF is more than just a pretty face. The styling may offend purists of the brand but there is no denying that the XF is one of the better looking luxury cars on the market. The Jaguar XF is a rear-wheel drive, sport-luxury sedan that is equipped with a 385hp 5.0-liter V8 engine. Those who crave for monumental amounts of torque can choose the supercharged version of the same engine that churns out 510hp. For a starting price of $53,000, the Jaguar XF is indeed a worthy choice in this highly competitive market.

The 2012 Jaguar XJ is poised to take the crown as the ultimate luxury car. Elegant lines and the coupe-like profile in the rear makes the XJ look dynamic even when parked. The interior is a marvel of modern design and contains an array of standard features such as power front seats with a memory function, full digital LCD lights, and a 14-speaker premium audio system. With prices starting at $73,700, the Jaguar XJ makes good use of a 385hp 5.0-liter V8 engine. Those who want outstanding power can also choose the supercharged version of the V8 that produces 510hp.

Want a genuine GT touring car along with the familiar Jaguar ride? The 2012 Jaguar XK is a prime candidate for the individual who deserves all the best things that life has to offer. The exterior is reminiscent of the previous generation XK but there have been numerous improvements made both on the inside and the outside to provide a sports car that delivers driving thrills for a lot less cash. Starting at $84,500, the Jaguar XK is equipped with the same engine found on the XF and the XJ. The 385hp 5.0-liter V8 comes standard while the supercharged version is available on the XKR.

Jaguar cars are rising up, especially with the introduction of the new Jaguar C-X16. The CX-16 utilizes an all-new direct-injected 3.0-liter V6 engine that develops 385hp. If you are currently considering a new Jaguar for your next car, it is best to take advantage of a free local price quote in order to get the best prices in your area. Try a free quote today!