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When you’re purchasing a new vehicle, it can be easy to get taken in by a salesmen and their bag of scams and tricks. Every car has a Secret Price that is not advertised in the papers, and you can discover top savings by comparing new car quotes online.

LocalCarPrices.com puts you back in the driver’s seat… right where you belong.

When purchasing your new car or truck, we help you take control by ensuring that you are aware of the price details before walking through the dealership doors.

Here’s how it works…

Simply pick your car and enter your zip code in the form fields on the right. Dealers in your area will compete for your business, and we will find you up to 4 competitive quotes, given by the new car dealers around your zip code. When you have a competitive price quote for a new car in your hands, it gives you a superior bargaining position before you shop. You will be set to take advantage of dealer incentives, consumer incentives, manufacturer rebates, top financing or leasing rates, and the value of your trade-in to maximize the impact of your negotiations.

Our easy approach to car buying ensures no worries about commitments or the stress of haggling. You will find all the information you need to get the greatest deals for a brand new car or truck in your particular area – without the pressure or the hassle.

This service is completely FREE, with no obligation to purchase. Get started today so you can drive away in your new car or truck tomorrow.

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