About BMW

If you want a car that is specifically engineered to provide the best driving experience, then choosing a BMW will do you well. The Bayerische Motoren Werke AG was founded in 1910 and started out as an aircraft manufacturer, hence the presence of the propeller-inspired BMW badge. The current selection of BMW cars and SUV's sold on the market today is not exactly like an airplane when it comes to design and execution but they remain true to the BMW creed of being the ultimate driving machine.

It's plain and simple , the BMW 3-series would have to be the most perfect choice for a compact family car. The 3-series has the right size and width to accommodate four adults in premium comfort along with the ability to be used everyday around tight city roundabouts. Underneath the BMW skin is a machine willing to be unleashed on the open road. With standard rear-wheel drive and perfect weight distribution, the BMW 3-series will ignite your driving passion whether on the highway or navigating city streets. Prices for the BMW 3-series start around $34,600.

The BMW sports-activity coupe is the BMW X6. The X6 has four doors but is only able to accommodate two adults in the rear quarters. The sloping rear roofline does not help in terms of practicality either but the BMW X6 is not about being a practical alternative for a car. The X6 is designed for the individual who wants to be unique among the herd of crossover cars that are being released in the market today. Starting around $59,000, the X6 comes equipped with an inline-six or V8 engine along with full leather interior and a premium audio system.

The BMW X5 is the vehicle of choice for the car buyer who wants a SUV designed for the city streets. The BMW X5 is properly categorized as a sports activity vehicle. Ride and handling is the best in the class as the BMW X5 behaves very much like a sports car remaining fairly comfortable even on extended drives. With prices starting around $47,500 for the X5 xDrive35i, car buyers get a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine that produces 300hp along with impressive standard features such as leather seating and the iDrive vehicle information system.

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