About Acura

Since the launch of the Acura brand in 1986, American car buyers have been given a glimpse of Honda's skill in the making of luxurious and technologically advanced cars. Quality, durability, and reliability are standards in each and every Acura car sold in the market today along with enhanced levels of comfort, safety, and sheer performance.

If you desire a luxury car that is also capable of giving you an exhilarating and inspired drive without going overboard on style, then the Acura RL deserves more than just a second look. In the face of some of the other more expensive, but equally capable competition, the Acura RL may look like the odd-man-out in the group due to the nature of the sharp but controversial styling. However, the Acura RL is blessed with a 3.7-liter 300hp V6 engine and Super Handling all-wheel drive, enough to make the RL more than just a simple luxury car as it can drive like a sports sedan. With prices starting at just around $47,500, the Acura RL is a solid choice in the luxury sedan department.

The Acura TSX was designed for the sporty car buyer who is in the market for a midsized luxury sedan. While this may sound contrasting of sorts, the TSX is really a fun-to-drive car that happens to offers the feel of luxury at the same time. Starting at around $29,800 for the TSX sedan and $31,100 for the wagon version, car buyers get 17-inch alloy wheels, a sunroof, leather appointments and dual-zone auto climate control. The TSX is basically an enhanced and plusher version of the European market Honda Accord. There is no question when it comes to the TSX's reputation of handling and luxurious driving feel.

For a low price of $42,900, the Acura MDX is a fantastic choice for a midsized luxury crossover SUV. The Acura MDX has always had the great ability to carry seven passengers in relative comfort and offers more than enough luggage room, especially when the third-row seats are folded into the floor. The Acura RDX, in the meantime, costs around $32,800 and is the perfect car for those who prefer a compact crossover SUV. Both vehicles come with the Super Handling All Wheel Drive System that improves road traction and grip even on the most slippery of road surfaces.

The Acura MDX offers a 3.7-lter V6 engine with 300hp and an array of standard luxury features such as full leather seats, a power tailgate and Bluetooth connectivity. The Acura RDX utilizes a 2.3-liter i-VTEC engine that produces 240hp along with standard features such as stability control, HID headlamps and a premium audio system with CD player.

Whether you are looking for a sporty sedan or luxury SUV, Acura has what performance car buyers are looking for. Acura accepts no compromises and continues to deliver on the forefront of safety, luxury and style. Request a FREE quote today to find the best prices on Acura cars that are available in your area!